DUI Charges Dismissed After Attorney Proved Speedy Trial Violation

Client was charged with DUI and related violations.

David H. Klayman, was hired to represent the client who had not been brought to trial, for DUI charges, which were almost 2 years old.  After conducting an investigation and vast research, David H. Klayman was confident that (even though COVID-19 had legitimately led to court delays in Pennsylvania) the client's speedy trial rights had been violated.  David H. Klayman, won the Rule 1013 motion, and the case was dismissed.  The Commonwealth appealed the court's decision, and David H. Klayman, again won on appeal.  The client was free to go! 

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

David H. Klayman

David H. Klayman specializes in criminal defense.  His experience is unparalleled and makes him a formidable adversary in the courtroom. After honorable service in the United States Marine Corps., David spent a career in law enforcement,...