• Gun Permit Restored After Common Pleas Court Appeal

    My client's permit to carry was revoked.  An appeal was filed with the L&I Board of Review.  Although the the Board failed to sustain our appeal, we were not discouraged.  Immediately, we filed an appeal to the Common Pleas Court and prepared our brief.  The city ultimately relented and agreed to... Read On

  • Felony Gun Possession Charges Dropped

    We received a call at the office asking if we could help a young man who was facing 10 to 20 years in state prison based on the sentencing guidelines for felony gun possession charges.  He had been incarcerated on State Road (PICC) for the last 8 months due to a probation detainer.  Although he w... Read On

  • Client Sued for $11,500 - Case Dismissed in favor of Client

    My client was being sued in small claims court for $11,500.  After carefully reviewing the specific facts and the relevant contract law issues, we proceeded to trial fully prepared and ready to win.  Although the hearing was contentious, the facts of the case along with our defense witnesses prov... Read On

  • DUI and Marijuana Possession Suppressed at Hearing

    My client was charged with DUI 2nd offense (controlled substance), Marijuana possession and related offenses.  My client refused a chemical test and was facing a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail.  I went to the scene of the allege traffic violation and took pictures which showed the vantage p... Read On

  • 64 Pounds of Marijuana Suppressed at Hearing

    My client was charge with conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver 64 pounds of marijuana.  After an extensive review of the discovery and an investigation, it was clear  to me the search warrant was invalid.  A hearing was held on a motion to suppress the "four-corners" of the search war... Read On

  • Shooting Charges Dropped at Preliminary Hearing

    My client was charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Assault and related Weapons Charges for a Shooting in Philadelphia, PA.  My own investigation yielded exculpatory evidence and proved my client was innocent, and in fact had been misidentified by the detectives.  The Commonwealth to withdrew all c... Read On

  • 3 Felony Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

    My client was charged with 3 serious felonies, and looking at a possible state prison sentence if convicted.  After conducting an investigation, and gathering exculpatory evidence, we were confident that my client would be cleared of all charges at the preliminary hearing.  The Judge agreed and d... Read On

  • All Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

    My client was charged with 2 counts of Criminal Mischief, Vandalism and related charges.  We hired a private investigator to conduct our own investigation.  We were confident that the Commonwealth's case was not only lacking evidence tying my client to the crimes, but was in fact void of probable... Read On

  • DUI Charges Dismissed After Attorney Proved Speedy Trial Violation

    My client was charged with DUI and related offenses.  The case had been pending for two years without my client standing trial.  We were confident that (even though COVID-19 had legitimately led to court delays in Pennsylvania) my client's speedy trial rights had been violated.  We won the Rule 1... Read On

  • Client Wins Gun Permit Appeal

    My client's permit to carry a concealed weapon was revoked.  We filed an appeal with the L&I Review Board and ultimately won.  My client's permit to carry was reinstated. Read On